Friday, June 6, 2008

"Three" Unshrouds the Fans! Love Triangle

Warning: Spoilers ahead. The Fans! archives take an eon to go through, but you should do it anyway. Just saying.

I must say, I'm loving the latest story arc from Fans! I was delighted when T. Campbell decided to restart the series, letting us rejoin our heroes several years (and in some cases, several children) after the events of "What Dreams May Come." But "Three" lands us back in the past, pulling the curtain back on the polyamorous relationship lead characters Rikk, Rumy, and Alisin (now Ally) agreed to enter into at the end of the series' original run.

Although Fans! is ostensibly an action-adventure comic, Campbell is at his best when he's poking and prodding at his characters' angst. But "Three" is oddly sweet, the satisfying resolution to volumes of heartache. Ally and Rumy have always been the hearts of the series, as well as each other's perfect dark mirror, paradoxically making them both perfect matches for the fans' leader Rikk Oberf. Pious Rikk and self-destructive Alisin entered a common law marriage early in the series, and the naive, ever-romaintic Rumy stepped back, preferring to pine for Rikk than risk his hard-won happiness with Ally. But as the series progressed, and Ally and Rumy forged a warm friendship, it became clear that none of the characters would be happy unless they all were. So, much the surprise of Fans' fans, Campbell left our heroes as a threesome.

Now we get to see the tentative first steps of that relationship and how the trio navigate Rumy's sexual inexperience, Ally's demons, and the challenge to Rikk's traditional notions of marriage. It's a tantalizing peek into the gap between Fans! and Fans! 2.0, and makes me excited to rejoin these characters in the future to see how far they've come.


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