Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Webcomics Valentine's Day

Webcomics writers are a bunch of cynics, but Valentine's Day is the holiday that melts even the hardest heart, right? Eh...not so much.

  • Randy Milholland at Something Positive proves that Valentine's Day awkwardness can strike in the most inappropriate of places. He's also got a lovely Darwin Day ecard.

  • At Zach Weiner's Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, a couple's competition to convince each other to break off the relationship takes an unexpected turn.

  • Partrick Alexander's Hilarity Comics notes that anatomical differences can make romance a bit squicky in Marioland.

  • If you want to share your anti-Valentine's sentiments with the offline world, Brian McFadden at Big Fat Whale has a series of clippable V-Day cards sure to leave your significant other in tears.

  • But it's not all tearing down the romantic notions of others. Box Brown's ode to couple love Bellen! is as full of strangely sweet sappiness as ever.

  • Instead of a fractured Valentine, Randall Munroe's xkcd goes for fractal Valentine, tranforming a Sierpinski Triangle into a sea of hearts.

  • Danielle Corsetto held a contest for readers of Girls with Slingshots to go on a date with bubbly second banana Jamie. And Hazel gets a V-Day subplot with her current beau. Corsetto also has printed Valentine's cards for those looking to get a jump on next year.

  • Meredith Gran has octopus pie-themed cards as well, so you can convey that perfect romantic sentiment be it "I'd Even Love You Sober" or "I'll Tell You Whatever You Want to Hear."

  • Valentines are sold out at Diesel Sweeties, but it's still worth heading over to see R Steven's unique, bacon-flavored take on the holiday. Plus, he probably has the only Valentine specifically aimed at Nihilists.

  • David Malki at Wondermark has an appropriately WTF ecard, and plugs, which offers a bounty of illustrated cards perfect for that person you're looking to alienate via email.

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