Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Cartoonists See Themselves

For all the crap I give other people, I'm a pretty lousy artist. I'm trying to remedy some gaps in my artistic skill set by taking a class over at SFAI on drawing the head and the hands. This has led to some not entirely successful attempts at self-portraiture, and I got to thinking about how cartoonists represent themselves. Cartooning is, of course, representational, and it's often less about capturing what a person actually looks like than about capturing some basic essence of the individual. So let's take a look at some of the cartoonists gracing my RSS reader and their cartoon alter egos:

Adam Cadwell:

Box Brown (Okay, this is a cheat, since it's actually Ben, a character from Bellen! But Brown tends to treat Ben as an alter ego, and renders himself the same way in his book.):

Dylan Meconis:

Erika Moen:

James Kochalka:

Jeff Schuetze:

Jeffrey Brown:

Jeffrey Rowland:

Jeph Jacques:

Joel Watson:

Julia Wertz:

Kate Beaton and her Younger Self:

Lucy Knisley:

Marc Ellerby:

Meredith Gran (Note that the quickie self portrait was done back when she had dreadlocks.):

R Stevens:

Rachel Nabors:

Randy Milholland:

Rene Engstrom:


Walter Ostlie said...

Great Post.

Sarah McIntyre said...

Too funny!

Box Brown said...

That is awesome! I love it!

Anonymous said...

KC Green:

Danny said...

Do you have comparison shots for Mitch Clem?

Lucas said...

Missing Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade:

Anonymous said...

Mitch Clem:

Anonymous said...

John Allison:

Anonymous said...

Ramon Perez & Rob Coughler:

Anonymous said...

Thomas P. Reidy aka 'Goatboy'

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Gambrell ("Cat and Girl"):

Anonymous said...

Chris Onstad:

ok guys now I'm just being a dick, I'll stop

SevenCubed said...

Aww, no love for Kelli Nelson? I mean, she hasn't done webcomics in a while, but still.


Evan N. said...

Awesome, I don't have anybody I draw to look like me, well except the "Killer in the Backseat" ^_^;;;;

Moral Polarity said...

What we need here is a Randall Munroe self portrait :-D

Cadwell said...

Thanks for the link Elle, I have a nice spike in my stats today :)

root said...

heh, this is awesome.

Erika Moen said...

Haha, awesome! Thanks for including me :)

The photo of me was taken by Lori Matsumoto, who is a really great photographer and has taken portraits of SO MANY cartoonists. I really encourage people to check out her work!

Joel Watson said...

This was a lot of fun. Thanks for including me.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Gambrell is a hard woman to find a real picture of on the internet. Out of curiosity wife and I have been looking, though maybe not that hard. Mr. Chen is easier to find.

I'm trying to make the creepiest comment, I guess.

Ray Radlein said...

I have photos of Jennie (The Devil's Panties) Breeden if you want any for comparison to her self-drawings in her autobiographical comics.

Marc Ellerby said...

My cartoon self is never as happy as when it's eating.

Thanks for including me, Elle.

Sky said...

so awesome! I read a lot of these comics but I've never seen pictures of the cartoonists.

jefbot said...

great post, elle! thanks for including me with this awesome group. even bigger thanks for using one of my headshots instead of a drunk twitpic.

Rosscott said...

I'll throw my hat into this ring. I'm responsible for and yet I here's the comparison:

Erika Moen said...

I found this... repeat? of your blog post over here:

Is that kosher?

Chris said...

I'd love to see one for Randall from XKCD. ;)

James said...

no Karl Kerschl?

Rob said...

Who the heck are all these lame cartoonists? I don't recognize a single comic except penny arcade. And all the ugly chicks tend to draw themselves like some kinda hottie ... yeah right, delusional.

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Maybe I`ll be Captain Obvious, but... it's only few days to New Year last, so let's be happy!

Anonymous said...

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5 Good Books for Teenage Girls said...

Hilarious stylizations!

Most Popular Books said...

Rowland got a point...

Most Popular Books on Tumblr said...

Stevens portrayed himself as a true geek, I like that.

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