Monday, April 26, 2010

Webcomic Ladies Bare Skin in the Name of Boobquake

Head for the doors, it's a Boobquake!

Okay, so once upon a time (about a week ago), an Iranian religious leader suggested that women dressing immodestly is responsible for the recent (supposed) uptick in earthquakes. Apparently, tight jeans and cleavage lead to adultery and a general breakdown of societal morals, which, in turn, causes God to angrily stomp around and shake up the Earth. Personally, I tend to think God has better things to do, but powerful Iranian politicians agree: boobs lead to earthquakes.

To test this theory, blogger Blag Hag has declared today Boobquake 2010. Ladies are encouraged to give the girls a little extra air for the day. Either we'll destroy the world with our massive display of boobage, or we'll have to find something else to blame those earthquakes on.

And some webcomics ladies are getting in on the action. Unsurprisingly, the particularly well-endowed Jamie of Girls with Slingshots is getting her Boobquake on. Over at Something Positive, Monette explains her exposed rack to girlfriend Lisa, and they try to get God angry in their own special way (good-natured sacrilege ahead). And Gods Playing Poker offers divine women a chance to enhance their cleavage  -- the commemorative Virgin Mary push-up bra is a product waiting to happen.

I'll update with any additional Boobquake sightings as the day goes on. Just cross your fingers that these comics don't get rocked with two-dimensional earthquake in their next installments.

Boobquake [Blag Hag]