Monday, April 5, 2010

The Wonderful World of WonderCon

Yes, I'm bragging. Randy Milholland thinks I'm cute.

This was WonderCon weekend in San Francisco, when the comics industry descends on SoMa and hipsters rub elbows with stormtroopers. Unlike at San Diego Comic Con, which was pretty much an endless blur of panels and screenings, I actually got to spend time walking the floor.

WonderCon isn't a particularly webcomics-heavy event, perhaps because MoCCA, C2E2, and Stumptown are just on the horizon. But, there was some nice representation on the floor: Phil Foglio of Girl Genius was there (with Narbonic and Skin Horse creator Shaenon Garrity manning the booth), as were Zach Weiner of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, David Malki! of Wondermark, Meredith Gran of Octopus Pie, Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak, Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja, Spike Trotman of Templar, Arizona, Randy Milholland of Something Positive, and a couple of folks from Keenspot Entertainment. Unfortunately, I suspect a lot of folks missed Tiny Kitten Teeth creators Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson way out in the small press section hawking their new Tigerbuttah books.

I was in a weirdly non-acquisitive mood, although I did pick up a Sassy Cavy badge from Spike's table and now need to find the perfect button-down shirt to iron it onto. I passed on the Octopus Pie shot glasses because I'm saving my sheckels to pre-order the Octopus Pie treasury. By the by, if you have any inclination to purchase an Octopus Pie book, you should pre-order this book. It's the comprehensive Octopus Pie, and Gran has said that the print future of Octopus Pie depends on this book.

And, of course, I got the lovely sketch from Randy Milholland. Milholland likes to cultivate this image of himself as a grump, but in real life he's terribly friendly. I watched as a young child grabbed at the Something Positive sample comic. Milholland quickly warned the kid's father that his comics are not kid-friendly in the least, but then offered to draw the kid's portrait. And he did my portrait, even though I didn't buy anything from him this time around. But if you ever do see Randy at a con, pick up his Super Stupor comics. They're amazing fun.

In non-webcomics phenomena, this guy was also at WonderCon. His outfit was even more spectacular when paired with a set of cargo shorts.


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