Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guests With Slingshots

Heroes Con left Danielle Corsetto feeling a tad overworked (as, I'm sure, did the other projects she's currently working on), so she sent out a webcomics SOS for guest strips. Many submitted their best takes on Girls With Slingshots, but only one prevailed: a testicle-happy comic from Bill Ellis (whose comic All New Issues Corsetto has been furiously pimping).

Happily, she's posted all of the submissions to her Flickr account, and there's plenty of funny that didn't make the cut. Allan Turner of Miller & Mullet submitted the comic that best matches Corsetto's own style (seen at the top of this post), but hands down, the most hysterical guest strip comes courtesy of K. Skipper of Pink Parts (NSFW, as the title suggests).

For non-GWS readers: the girl in the pink is Melody -- who happens to be deaf -- and the girl in red is her sister Maureen. The unfortunate lad is Chris the Pirate, Melody's would-be suitor.

GWS Guest Strips [Flickr]


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