Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Another Diary Closes Its Pages

Aww. Comics are just ending left and right lately.

I've written a great deal about Ellerbisms here. Something about Marc Ellerby's style, his ability to recognize the narrative in his own life, really resonates with me, and I appreciate his honesty in presenting some of the less happy aspects of his life.

Of course, sometimes being honest with yourself means knowing when to quit. Ellerby has decided that working on Ellerbisms is no longer fulfilling, so he's going to end the comic with episode 250. This neatly coincides with the shuttering of Ellerbisms' sister comic, Adam Cadwell's The Everyday.

I'll be sad to see Ellerbisms go, although I understand Ellerby's reasons behind the decision. The departure of Ellerbisms from my RSS reader also means it's high time that I checked out Ellerby's print comic, Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter -- even though I'll have to pay for it and *gasp* in pounds.

Marc's Health Scare [Ellerbisms]


Anonymous said...

I came quite late to Ellerbisms, so I feel like I've barely got to know it. Great little comic, will be sorely missed.

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