Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Web Comics App Rides Again

Dale Zak wrote in this morning to let us know that the Web Comics App 1.1 is now available in the iTunes store. As many of you will remember, the original version of Zak's drew the ire of some very vocal webcomic creators (and their fans), who (wrongly) accused Zak of content theft.

Version 1.1 speaks to a lot of the concerns webcomickers had about the original app. The application still comes with several webcomic RSS feeds pre-linked (some people have used the term "pre-loaded," but since you actually have to click a link to load the feed, "pre-linked" is a bit more accurate), but these feeds are from webcomickers who specifically asked to have their comics included. Users can now add additional feeds from other comics by typing in the address of the comic's RSS feed, and can "discover" comics added by other users.

My own problems with the Web Comics App involved the user interface, which I found clunky and less easy to use than other mobile RSS readers. Unfortunately, those problems still stand in the new version, and I don't see the Web Comics App replacing my current RSS reader any time soon. But I do really like the idea of a community-recommended RSS reader as a way to discover new comics. I'm definitely keeping the Web Comics App, and I will be checking it regularly for updates.

Who knows? The controversy around the original application and Zak's willingness to rebuild it may have resulted in something really cool.

Web Comics [iTunes]


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