Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saucesome Goes to San Francisco

Cruising around the Alternative Press Expo last weekend, I got a chance to meet Sarah Becan and it was -- dare I say? -- sauceome. Becan is every bit as friendly and approachable as her comics would suggest, and she seemed genuinely surprised and delighted that her very personal comic about body image and health has found such wide appeal. I also picked up a copy of her print comic The Complete Ouija Interviews which has a very simple premise and style, but manages to be quite creepy and sad.

It was doubly exciting for me when Becan posted her I think you're sauceome comics from the APE weekend, and saw one of my personal favorite eateries made it in. Becan was staying in Hayes Valley, not far from where I lived in San Francisco, and ate at the Lower Haight outlet of Rosamunde. Do not underestimate the deliciousness of duck and fig sausage.

Okay, so this probably isn't nearly as exciting to anyone else as it is to me. But it's not often that I get to see my real world cross with the webcomics world.


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Ryan Scott said...

That actually looks seriously good enough to eat... yum

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