Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today Only -- Free Shipping at Diesel Sweeties

The image says it all -- free shipping on all Diesel Sweeties orders over $34. Time to stock up on pixel skull socks.

Oh, and in case you missed it, R Stevens has collected his latest story arc, "The Pride of Catfleet," guest starring 8-bit Wil Wheaton, in one handy spot.

Could James Kochalka quit American Elf?


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buy the Girl Genius Novel (But wait until tomorrow)

Via Fleen, Girl Genius, the long-running, multi-award-winning, ridiculously popular webcomic from Phil and Kaja Foglio has made the jump to prose with the novel Agatha H. and the Airship City. If you're a fan of the series (or just want to get in on all the mad scientist action now), the Foglios hope you'll buy the book...tomorrow.

Why? Well, remember Machine of Death? Ryan North, David Malki!, and all their allies rallied folks to buy their prose anthology over the course of just a few days, and they managed to climb to the #1 position on Amazon. Now the book's available in bookstores nationwide. Bulk buying attracts the attention of retailers. So the Foglios have declared January 12th (which happens to be Kaja Foglio's birthday) Girl Genius Day.

If you want to wish Kaja Foglio a happy birthday, what better way than to buy a copy of her book?

[Girl Genius Books]

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brightest asks: What does sleeping with another girl mean?

On the list of things I've been quite enjoying lately is Brightest, a web comic by one Chuck Bourbon. It's a bit of an odd duck in my regular reading lineup: methodically slow, introspective, and relationship-focused. There's nary a hallucinatory sidekick in sight (although the protagonist drinks enough for one to appear), and it's all about girls getting it on.

Well, not entirely. Charlene is our Hamlet of a heroine, and we meet her several months into her personal stagnation. She's broken up with her long-term boyfriend, lost her job, and chased away nearly all of her friends with her general sad sack state. (And the one friend she's managed to retain has gone all Mother Hen on her, leaving Charlie to hate her even as she so desperately needs her.)

Just when Charlie's life is in need of a thorough shaking up, she gets one in the form of Alex. A green-haired, chain-smoking lesbian, Alex takes Charlie home for an unexpected night of passion. At first, Charlie imagines it's a one-time thing, a bit of secret sauce on her reheated hamburger of a life. But a surprise meeting with Alex makes her wonder otherwise, and soon she racks up a second notch in her new sapphic belt. Charlie starts to wonder: Do these carnal encounters mean she's gay? Or has it just been so long since she's been an object of affection and attention and lust that she'll happily bat for the other team?

Charlene is one of those wonderfully frustrating characters who are hard to turn away from, even at their most self-pitying. She's grown so comfortable with the awfulness of her life that she refuses to make any steps forward. She won't look for a job, won't socialize unless forced to, won't even look for a new apartment on the eve of her eviction. She longs to float through this stage of her life on a cloud of cigarettes and booze and wake up somewhere older and better. She's a person most have us have known (or perhaps been) at some point in our lives, and you just want to smack her in the face and scream at her to wake up and get a grip. Fortunately, Brightest has some screaming and face-smacking in store -- just in between the longer bouts of awkward moments and self-loathing.

[Brightest -- Occasionally NSFW]

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Sadly Warbot Christmas

Okay, so it's already 2011, but I'll happily pretend it's still Christmastime for the sake of a Warbot in Accounting office Christmas party. Aww, he's just like Charlie Brown--if Charlie Brown were a suicidal ex-military robot accountant.

The Christmas Party [Warbot in Accounting]

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The apocalypse is crazy in "Romantically Apocalyptic"

Today on io9, I talk about about the gas-masked madness of Romantically Apocalyptic.

At long last: The collected "Minus"

If you're not familiar with Minus, it's time to take a little trip through Archiveland. Minus follows the adventures of Minus, a girl whose magical powers are limited only by her imagination, and it's filled with beauty and ghosts and dinosaurs and chalk drawings and armageddon. Take a gander.

The comic ended in 2008, but creator Ryan Armand has just announced that he's publishing a Minus collection. He's currently taking preorders on the $40 collection, which includes a new story and a handful of comics not previously published online.

Preorder Minus [Kiwis By Beat]