Friday, October 28, 2011

What Webcomics Should I Read? Family Man

Lately, when I meet a new person who knows I write about webcomics, I'm inevitably asked, "What webcomics should I read?" I find this a bit of an absurd question, like asking what books one should be reading, or what TV shows one should watch. It depends a lot on individual tastes. So, with that in mind, I've decided to start writing little capsule guides to various webcomics so folks can decide for themselves what webcomics they'd like to read.

Family Man
by Dylan Meconis
Status: Ongoing
Synopsis: In 18th-Century Germany, Luther Levy, son of a Jewish convert, has just returned home from the University of Gottingen, where he was supposed to receive his doctorate in theology. But after delivering a possibly atheistic dissertation, Luther finds himself back at home with no degree, no patron, and no faith in God. Just when he thinks he's doomed to a life tutoring upperclass brats, a mysterious academic offers Luther a lecture post at an unorthodox university. The University of Familienwald seems the answer to Luther's non-prayers: he is a respected lecturer, can continue his studies, and is drawn to the rector's daughter, the beautiful but cool university librarian Ariana Nolte. But not everything -- or everyone -- at Familienwald is precisely what it seems, least of all Ariana, who slips away from the university each month at the full moon...
Categories: History, Religion, Drama, Supernatural
Read it if you like: jokes about Christian theology, gorgeous sepia-toned artwork, the Age of Reason, and very subtle werewolves.


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