Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Thing Today: Dumbing of Age, Now Sponsored by Pajama Jeans

I don't know why it took me so long to read a David Willis webcomic. There's no particular reason; it's just that some comics inevitably slip through the cracks and the It's Walky family of comics were among them. Dumbing of Age places many of the characters from Roomies/It's Walky/Shortpacked! in a parallel universe, but my unfamiliarity with the original characters hasn't hampered my enjoyment of Dumbing of Age whatsoever. It's such a charming ensemble comic, and I'm kind of in love with Dina. (Ooh! And I can pre-order her shirt! And maybe buy her adorable hat if Willis ever decides to make more!)

After the excitement of the creepy-but-ultimately-empowering-and-heartwarming attempted party rape storyline (yeeeeah, not nearly as awful as it sounds), Willis has slowed things down a bit with Walky's quest for pajama jeans. This has, lo and behold, resulted in contextual ads for pajama jeans. Wait, those are a real thing? Do they actually look like jeans? Do they pill horribly?

Also, why isn't Willis shilling for product placement like one Mr. Kurtz? Seriously, David, I think you've got a potential new income stream here.

Of course, Willis himself knows a thing or two about appropriate contextual ads.

Contextual ads work [Dumbing of Age]

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