Monday, November 21, 2011

Dinosaur Comics' Ryan North Writing Adventure Time Comics

Between Netflix and Hulu, there are few reasons to be a cable subscriber these days, but it meant I was a latecomer to the awesome absurdity that is Cartoon Network's Adventure Time. But after a trip to Comic-Con where no one was talking about anything else, I was won over by the charms of the happiest post-apocalyptic TV show on the planet. And Boom Studios has just announced that Adventure Time is coming to comics, written by Dinosaur Comics creator Ryan North!

Now that North is taking on the beloved Jake and Finn and Dr. McNinja's Chris Hastings has done the rounds on Deadpool, could we start seeing a trend of print publishers looking more and more to online talent?

'Adventure Time' Comic Series Coming from Boom! in February [ComicsAlliance]


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