Monday, November 7, 2011

Feed the Artist: Jen Oaks' Cheeky Pin-Ups Calendar

Jen Oaks isn't a webcartoonist -- she is, however, a contributor to my book The Comic Book Guide to the Mission and a kick-ass illustrator. I acquired one of her lovely pin-up drawings (this charming cyclist lady) at SF Zine Fest, and said pin-up is hanging on my wall as I type. Oaks has a bevy of busty beauties (in print form) at her Etsy store, but if you can't choose, consider purchasing her 2012 calendar, cheekily titled "Cheeky." It features 12 of Oaks' zaftig dames, including Kitty Bon Bon, who started life as an illustration in Fat Zine.

Also worth checking out is Fat Zine creator Laura Beck's interview with Oaks about the "Cheeky" babes and how they came into being.

"Cheeky" is available for $25 from Oaks' Etsy store. It's the perfect gift for the pin-up loving lady (or gent) in your life.

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