Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Feed the Artist: McPedro Cross-Stitch

You know what your house/apartment/dorm room needs? More hallucinatory cacti. Even if you're already the proud owner of a McPedro plushie, you  can add to your tequila-filled madness with this McPedro cross-stich sampler from Girls With Slingshots -- also available as a DIY kit (for considerably less moolah), or just a plain-old downloadable pattern.

I'm sort of surprised other webcomics haven't gone the cross-stitch route, especially given how crafty many cartoonists are. To be honest, I have enough funny t-shirts; I might be more willing to invest in a couple of cross-stitch patterns -- provided cross-stitching is one of those activities one can do on BART.

Girls With Slingshots Etsy Shop [Etsy]

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