Monday, November 14, 2011

Feed the Artist: Today Nothing Happened Volume 2

I can't explain what draws me to Shazzbaa Bennett. Maybe I just like typing her name: Shazzzzzzzzzzbaaaaaaaa. Try it. It's fun. Maybe it's because I'm not a generally happy person, but Shazzbaa comes off as relentlessly cheerful in the best way possible. Seriously, this lady makes Target seem like as magical a land as its Bull Terrier mascot would suggest, and she faces even the most WTF customer interactions with dorky grace.

Shazzbaa just released the second volume of her autographical webcomic, Today Nothing Happened. The book covers Shazzbaa's last few months at the Savannah College of Art and Design and her first few steps into the post-collegiate world. As fun as those SCAD comics are (Seriously, that Game Design class looks awesome; can I audit courses from the Bay Area?), the post-college months are where TNH really finds its voice. Amidst all the funny cat antics and teleconferenced D&D games, Today Nothing Happened is ultimately a comic about a (geeky and extraordinarily nice) young artist making her way in the world: moving back home, finding a day job, late nights spent drawing, keeping in touch with friends from school, and (a Shazzbaa bonus) learning to drive. After a few dozen strips, I just want to give her a big warm hug. (What was I saying last week about diary comics creating a false sense of intimacy?)

Also, there are pudgy cats who hate each other. Who doesn't love a good catfight?

Today Nothing Happened Volume 2 [Today Nothing Happened]


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